I Quit Smoking and Got Around the Bloating, the Constipation, and the Weight Gain

I FINALLY quit smoking. I FINALLY DID IT on attempt #6 or #7 this year! I found a way to get past the bloating, the constipation, and the weight gain. Granted, kicking the habit kicked my butt for 6 months…I persevered through the process and made it through! I have almost three weeks under my belt…and for me, that means I’m done. All’s going well…my weight is excellent…no bloating issues…and no constipation!!!! YEA! I’ve fought through this…and finally won. It’s been a tremendous struggle. I’ve always had an easy time quitting in the past and staying quit for long periods of time (years)…however, things are obviously different now…perhaps it is part of the aging process. I’m not sure I will ever take up smoking again…because it is not “easy come, easy go” anymore. I don’t want to have to fight this battle again.

It was awful to “have to smoke again” to get control of the bloating, the weight gain, and the constipation…however, each time I did so, I was aware I’d get soon and try again…as soon as everything went back to normal. I have lost about 140 pounds in the last four years and I was not willing to start the weight gain cycle…and gaining 7-10 pounds in 7-10 days was not okay…and it happened each time I quit smoking this year. I did not believe that my weight was dependent on smoking because I lost the first 100 pounds without smoking…and I’ve been thin before in my life without smoking. I knew I could have one without the other…I knew I could manage my weight without having to smoke. I knew something was wrong because of the tremendous gain in weight so quickly…I knew it was not REAL weight…because you can’t gain 7 – 10 pounds of fat that quickly…eating 1500 calories or less per day. I knew it was something else…but I didn’t understand it. I blamed it on a high nut diet, birth control pills…and various other things…until I finally learned that people bloat and get constipated when they quit smoking…and that it was an effect of nicotine withdrawal. Talking with friends clued me in…so I began to read about it on the net…and then started to do things to address this. What I did is described in the other “Trying to quit smoking” entries in this blog. Read the most recent ones to find out what the last things were that helped…or read them all to learn about what I experienced throughout this 6-month process! What an ordeal this has been. It’s been such a struggle…and now, it’s a burden relieved!

I’m in the process of writing “Ten Tips for Quitting Smoking” to show how I used DBT-CBT therapy principles , skills, and understandings to recover from this addiction. So, that is yet to come…I wish you success as you make it through the process to quit smoking…just don’t stop trying. Recovery from drugs and alcohol takes 8-18 attempts on average…and it’s very likely that breaking the smoking and nicotine addiction is little different.

3 responses to “I Quit Smoking and Got Around the Bloating, the Constipation, and the Weight Gain

  1. Hey congratulations and thanks for sharing your experience. I quit smoking as well and it was the best thing I ever did. Constipation is a bit of an issue for me, but I can’t go back to smoking because of it. Anways, thanks for the story~

  2. Congratulations! Its good to know that its quits-for-ever now. I have been off cigarettes for a month now and this is my first attempt. I have gained 10 pounds and mostly around the waist. I feel bloated all the time and also constipated. I am 47. Is this normal.

    • From my experience and from talking with other people and from the number of people searching on google regarding this topic…sounds VERY normal…but, I’m not a medical doctor! I’m understanding that MANY people have this same problem and it seems that the medical profession doesn’t recognize it. I’m also hearing that many people start to smoke again because of it. That’s really too bad that our medical folks aren’t recognizing it…because it’s likely that many more people would NOT return to smoking if something could be done about this. I was obviously helped by nicotine gum, activa type yogurt, one dose of a laxative, and some dietary changes…and six or seven attempts! What an ordeal! Most of my weight was around the waist – abdomen area…cuz I went up two pant sizes….REAL QUICK! Gained 7-10 pounds in 7-10 days eating about 1200-1300 calories a day! I hope you’ll stick with it and find something that works for you. I’m so happy to not be smoking!

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